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Blackhawk Design & Media
P.O. Box 1482
Key West, Fl 33041

Owner & President for Life:
Craig Burroughs Alyn Buzzarté

Education & Pro Certification

California State College, Northridge., CA
Organic Chemistry, A.A. Degree 1965
Antrolpology Comparative Religions, A.A. Degree 1965
Political Science, A.A. Degree 1965
California State University, L.A., CA
Organic Chemistry, B.A. Degree 1967
Antrolpology Comparative Religions, A.A. Degree 1967
Political Science, B.A. Degree 1967
University of California, L.A., CA
Political Scienc , M.A. Degree 1968
Boston University, Boston, MA
Anthroplogy Comparative Religions, B.A. Degree 1969
Western Washington State University
Aldous Huxley College of Environmental Sciences.
Bellingham, WA. Phd. Degree 1971.
Population Dynamics and Urban Planning
Art Center Pasadena, CA B.F.A. Degree 1974

Member of the Apple Consultants Network

Member of the National Association of Photopshop Professionals , N.A.M.M., N.S.C.A, B.M.I.., A.S.C.A.P.

Co owner of Tops Printing, Pacific Palisades, Ca. 1989-1999

Blackhawk Design & Media provides Windows and Apple Macintosh hardware and software consulting solutions for Key West and the lower Keys businesses and home users.

We have extensive knowledge in Apple, UNIX, Windows, Adobe, Quark, Meta Creations and Macromedia software applications.

We can help with your wired and wireless networks. For those who have made the switch to Macintosh for security against the daily attack of Windows based worms, viruses, hacking and for the Mac's ease of use, but sometimes still need to run Windows programs. We can help you here too. Microsoft’s Virtual PC allows you to run any Windows operating system on a pre Intel based Macintosh and it will run it safer because your connection to the outside world is through the Mac OS and not Windows. You can run Windows NT, 98, ME, 2000, XP and the latest Vista. On Intel based Macs, with Apple's Boot Camp software upu can reboot your Mac into Windows XP or Vista in addition to running Mc OSX, the defualt O.S., Two independent companies Parallels and VMWare provide for a more convneninet solution where you can run multiple operatings sytems on any Intel based Macintosh and can switch between them instantly.

We can customize your software and your entire system for you and your business. We trouble-shoot and repair all models, install all of your hardware, external and internal; and set you up on the Internet and ensure your connectivity. We can turn you into your own multi-media studio, setting you up with cameras, printers, CD burners, studio playback monitors, scanners and a variety of equipment for your Mac or PC.

We provide software application support and OS troubleshooting, monthly maintenance programs, as well as network installations of all types and data recovery. In the event you should loose your data, we can help.

We have great success in recovering lost data. Before we begin any recovery job, we back up data and any sensitive materials. If you have any concerns in this area please let us know.

Contact us if you need assistance with your computer, your web presence, video production, digital audio or photography. We do just about everything that involves a computer, but here are a few specific items.

Computer support and services.

windows and apple macintosh computer pre- purchase consulting
software and hardware troubleshooting
hardware replacements and upgrades
system software installations and upgrades
windows, mac, mixed environment networking
system configurations
software training
multimedia and software development
graphics and web-site design
cd-rom and dvd-rom creation
professional digital photography & video
digital audio recording and data archiving
professional audio consulting
We can also supply high quality still film or digital photography or digital videos on CDs or DVDs.
We can also design high impact brochures, Point of purchase displays, direct mail and internet websites for your business.

and so it goes...

There's no present. There's only the immediate future and the recent past.

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