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Adobe InDesign Training

The day that Adobe introduced the first beta of InDesign was the last day of QuarkXPress in the Blackhawk Design Studio.
Craig Alyn has been stretching the boundaries of InDesign for an array of design, color and typography-intensive projects, and is proud to train on such an amazing and fluid program.
As well as assisting key design houses in the US as they switch to InDesign
Come and learn InDesign, and see just why it truly is the future of design, print and publishing with its incredible array of tools, options, functions and integration.
Introduction to Adobe InDesign CS:
Customizing InDesign, shortcuts, pages & guides, creating & formatting type, linking, paragraph formats, typography, OpenType & glyphs, style sheets & nested styles.
Intermediate Adobe InDesign CS:
Basic graphic elements, color, swatches, ink groups, color separation, strokes & advanced color options, images & links, text wrap, master pages & folio design.
Advanced Adobe InDesign CS:
Masking, transparency effects, tables, books, table of contents, document checking, trapping & preview, preflight, PDF output, printing.
All training courses are recommended on a 1-1 or small group basis on-site.
Training is always for the most current version of the software.
For any questions you might have on the listed options, or to discuss a personalized training session, please email

Peggy Lee Album CoverExtensive integration
Work smoothly with Adobe® Photoshop®, Illustrator®, Acrobat®, InCopy®, and Dreamweaver® software; enjoy consistency by using shared presets and color settings; work more efficiently with native file format support; and easily publish to multiple media.

Creative effects and controls
Design compelling page layouts that include transparency, creative effects, and gradient feathers. Since effects are live and nondestructive, you can experiment with ease. Apply effects independently to an object's stroke, fill, or content.

Reliable prepress and printing
Have confidence in your output. Get accurate, consistent results every time you print using sophisticated preview capabilities, exporting reliable Adobe PDF files, and sharing custom presets.

Productivity enhancements
Perform a variety of tasks more efficiently using new and enhanced productivity features, including Multi-file Place, Quick Apply, faster frame fitting, and the visual Pages panel.

XHTML export
Enable multiformat publishing, including print-to-web workflows, by exporting InDesign® content as XHTML. Edit the exported content in Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 software (available separately) and automatically format it using cascading style sheets.

Professional typographical controls
Compose beautiful typography using professional controls including the Paragraph Composer, OpenType® fonts, drop caps, glyphs, and optical kerning and margin alignment.

Full-featured tables
Create richly formatted tables. Import tab-delimited text files and styled Microsoft Word or Excel tables, or build tables in InDesign. Apply a wide variety of formatting options manually or using table and cell styles.

Robust long-document support
Maintain consistency and streamline the production of long documents using advanced bullets and numbering, running headers and footers, and synchronized master pages.

Smart text handling
Control your text with intelligent text-handling features including the ability to import styled text from Microsoft Word files, apply complex text wraps around objects, and comprehensively replace fonts.

Scripting and extensibility
Accelerate and simplify workflows by automating processes using scripts and extending the capabilities of InDesign using the ExtendScript toolkit.

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