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Adobe Design Workflow Training

It's one thing to learn the main packages in the Adobe Creative Suite, but the real power lies in their integration, and the techniques used to produce design work more accurately, and much more effectively.
Craig Alyn draws on his many years in graphic design, typography, artwork preparation and printing for some of the most recognized companies and design houses in the world, to bring you a course built totally around the workflow of a design project destined for print.
Focusing only on the tools, techniques and programs required to reach that goal, this 2-day course is an enjoyable journey on the path from sketched design to final print.
CS Design to Print Day 1:
Application overview & set-up, design review, Illustrator logo creation, 3D graphics, application color management, versioning, InDesign page design, layouts & grids, type formatting, style sheets & nested styles, Photoshop image creation & styles, 3D patterns, InDesign image composition & spot color options.
CS Design to Print Day 2:
Compound paths & feathering, clipping paths & text wrap, InDesign master page control techniques, books & print preparation, Illustrator CS symbol tricks, trapping & overprint preparation, preflight & final checking, PDF export & printing.
All training courses are recommended on a 1-1 or small group basis on-site.
Training is always for the most current version of the software.
For any questions you might have on the listed options, or to discuss a personalized training session, please email training

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