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Apple Motion Training

So you need software training? Well, you have definitely come to the right place. Blackhawk Design & Media has been teaching graphics and animation for many years, to companies and individuals the world over.
Having worked in many executive positions for major pro audio companies, as a graphic designer, web designer and photographer for over 20 years. Craig has the knowledge and understanding of not only the software he teaches, but also the techniques he imparts - a technique he willingly shares in 1 - 1 and small group seminars. He provides completely customizable teaching to suit your needs. Classrooms and video tutorials are one way to learn software, but most definitely not the best way.
Concentration, pace and covering the topics that are important to the client and their specific work needs, really do matter - especially when it comes to value for money.

motion logoMotionw 3 takes the complexity out of 3D by extending the 2D tools you already use. With its intuitive interface and rich toolset, the only limit is your imagination. Send particles exploding through space. Swing cameras around an object with breathtaking ease. Squiggle a vector-based paint stroke in 3D through the cosmos. Motion 3 lets you create 3D motion graphics with drag-and-drop ease, startling performance, and unprecedented color fidelity.

Intuitive Real-Time Design Environment
Start animating right away with the easy-to-use tools and intuitive interface in Motion 3. You can see the results in real time as you work, and even adjust animation settings on the fly during playback. Be spontaneous. Explore. Experiment. Play. Just drag a behavior to the Canvas to set an object in motion, without any need to write expressions or manipulate keyframes. When you’re ready for more control, a single click opens a full Timeline, Inspector, or Keyframe Editor for making precise adjustments.

3D Motion Graphics Done Right
Create motion graphics in 3D space without learning a brand-new interface. The integrated 3D multiplane environment in Motion 3 is a natural extension of the 2D tools you already use. All of the familiar Motion features, such as particles, Replicator, text behaviors, and motion paths, extend into three dimensions with ease.

Breathtaking Filters and Effects
Motion 3 comes with more than 150 GPU-accelerated filters and effects — including Aura, Light Rays, Dazzle, and Glass Distortion filters — that you can use to move your projects from so-so to spectacular. And filters are just the beginning.

Automatically match the move of an object to a moving point in a video clip. Use SmoothCam to smooth the movement of a shaky shot without affecting standard camera moves like pans, zooms, and dollies. Achieve crystal-clear slow motion with new retiming behaviors and modify the settings with revolutionary drag-and-drop ease. Motion 3 works behind the scenes to make the setups easy and the results impressive.

Time Saving Features...

Motion 3 handles a number of media management tasks automatically and helps speed you to creative work with an extensive library of Apple-designed graphic elements. Deep integration with the Final Cut Studio family saves time by letting you drag and drop Motion projects into other applications without rendering. Editable master templates make it easy for editors to swap out video and update text right in Final Cut Studio 2. Motion 3 even supports interchange with common Adobe tools.

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