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Apple Aperture Training

The Defintive Photographer's Workflow Application
So you need software training? Well, you have definitely come to the right place. Blackhawk Design & Media has been teaching graphics and animation for many years, to companies and individuals the world over.
Having worked in many executive positions for major pro audio companies, as a graphic designer, web designer and photographer for over 20 years. Craig has the knowledge and understanding of not only the software he teaches, but also the techniques he imparts - a technique he willingly shares in 1 - 1 and small group seminars. He provides completely customizable teaching to suit your needs. Classrooms and video tutorials are one way to learn software, but most definitely not the best way.
Concentration, pace and covering the topics that are important to the client and their specific work needs, really do matter - especially when it comes to value for money.
That's why only 1-1 or small group on-site teaching is provided, on a day that suits your schedule. The hundreds of people who have been taught in the last decade or so, have all stated a clear enjoyment of the sessions, and more importantly, a huge amount of knowledge retained.
And that's what teaching is all about.

Peggy Lee Album CoverAperture — enthusiastically adopted by some of the world’s finest professional photographers — set the standard for professional photo management applications. And the latest version, Aperture 1.5, introduces a wide range of new features. They include more flexible photo management options that let you store images wherever you’d like. XMP metadata export. An advanced Color adjustment tool. A new Edge Sharpen tool. Metadata presets that automatically add such critical data as copyright, credit, and captions. New options for the Loupe that make a great tool even better. Adjustment presets. And many other new and enhanced features



Peggy Lee Album CoverAdvanced RAW-focused Workflow

Powerful, Aperture features a RAW-focused workflow from capture to output that makes working with RAW files as easy as JPEG. No need to convert your RAW files before doing anything with them. Aperture automatically creates “versions” of your “master” images to preview, crop, color correct, sharpen, and apply other modifications to. What’s more, they’re all totally non-destructive in nature. Your RAW originals remain perfectly safe because Aperture doesn’t change a single pixel in them.

And with the most powerful image processing in the world, Aperture is fast — whether you’re working with RAW, JPEG, or TIFF images.

Professional Photo Management

Shooting more than you’ve ever shot before? Everyone is. And that’s why Aperture was designed with powerful photo management tools. Not only can this innovative application accommodate hundreds of thousands of images, but Aperture lets you choose the best way to store them. Consolidated into a single library that Aperture manages for you. On a variety of hard drives, networked volumes, and optical media. Or a combination thereof.

However you decide to store them, flexible organizational tools let you logically manage images using folders, projects, and albums and in the method that makes the most sense for your needs.

Aperture also offers simple yet powerful tools for assigning metadata. In fact, you can begin the process on import, and presets let you fill metadata fields enmasse. No more onesy-twosies that rob hours of your time. And in Aperture searching is lightning fast and laser accurate, letting you quickly and easily find the one image — or the hundred — you need

Peggy Lee Album CoverPowerful Compare-and-Select Tools

Pros already using Aperture rave about its compare and select tools. When it comes to powering through a large shoot and making critical decisions, no single application offers the collection of campare-and-select tools you’ll find in Aperture. It lets you work Full Screen. Or on multiple screens. You can put two (or more) images onscreen at once for easy side-by-side comparisons.

Pull out a Loupe and dial in the degree of magnification — up to 1600%. Rate images with a single keystroke. Aperture also lets you Stack images — just like you’re used to doing on a light table. In fact, it even has its own Light Table.

Nondestructive Image Processing

Comprehensive in scope, Aperture provides a full range of non-destructive adjustment tools. They let you fine-tune exposure; check and adjust Levels; modify White Balance; adjust hue, saturation, and luminance on a color-by-color basis; sharpen edges; modify highlights and shadow values. You can even create presets that speed image adjustments.

And Aperture lets you easily crop, straighten, reduce noise, correct red-eye, and eliminate dust. You can even “Lift” multiple adjustments — including cropping and straightening adjustments — from one image and “Stamp” them onto others.

Versatile Printing and Publishing

Offering a complete color-managed workflow — based on ColorSync — Aperture also offers a full complement of output options, letting you quickly and easily create contact sheets, printed portfolios, books, or customized prints. Print them yourself, or order professional prints and books without leaving Aperture.

Aperture makes it just as easy to create slideshows and stunning websites. You can even make your Aperture Library “to go” by syncing all or a portion of it to iPod. And by taking advantage of a new drag-and-drop JPEG export feature, you can quickly take an image from your Aperture library and incorporate it in an iWeb photo blog, Keynote presentation, Motion animation, iDVD slideshow, or cut away in iMovie HD or Final Cut Pro.

There’s more. Using its new Export API, you can connect Aperture to a variety of output, storage, and publishing services via third-party plug-ins, creating custom workflows that use Aperture as your front end.

With Aperture, there are no limits to your creative options.

Tight Integration

Tight integration with Mac OS X and other applications means that you can easily incorporate your Aperture images in Keynote presentations, iDVD slideshows, iWeb photo blogs, or other iLife ’06 or iWork ’06 projects using the Media Browser. Or simply drag images from Aperture and drop them into Motion, Final Cut Express, Final Cut Pro, or other documents from other applications.

Aperture can also work hand-in-hand with Automator to help you create automated workflows. And it integrates with third-party applications just as seamlessly. For example, when you export RAW images, Aperture also exports their associated metadata in XMP sidecar files, making it easy for applications — like Photoshop — to pick up and use that metadata.

And thanks to its extensible architecture, Aperture lets you install and take advantage of third-party extensions for sharing, storing, printing, publishing, and selling your photographs in exciting new ways.

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